Writing Blogs (Now For Over A Decade)

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Transhuman Singularity: A Science Fiction Futurology Blog

The best I can tell I started writing my first blog post back on May 25, 2008. It was titled “EDITORIAL: Life on Mars? Dead or Alive? Science Fiction???”. As you can guess it was a post about whether or not there is life on Mars? We still don’t have the definitive answer at the time of this writing, but my guess back then is becoming more and more likely as water and seasonal methane have been found on the planet.

That means I have been writing one blog or another now for over a decade. No, I haven’t posted every day, but I’ve posted regularly enough to say, yes I am an incessant blogger and very proud of it!

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RocketVirtual: Launch Your Virtual Projects Fast Blog

Each blog is about something different I’m passionate about. My most recent is a refresh of my virtual reality blog. Back in 2012 I had a Virtual World called Viradu. Remnants of it survives here only on the Internet Archive WayBack Machine. Most of everything recently I’m doing in virtual reality can be found at RocketVirtual.com

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The Currency Of Ideas: My Take On Silicon Valley Stories Blog

One of my friends is a blogger as well, Ann Bradley writes “The Silicon Valley Story” and I blogged our coffee get-together in this post, “The Second Most Famous Garage In Silicon Valley”.

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PIXEL Wearables: An Idea For Mobile Advertising Wearable (MAWs) Blog

I even tried my own start-up once . . . I still believe the idea is very viable to this day and not that far into the future. I have kept up the blog/website so that others might pursue it and make it a reality for all.

Touch Voice: My Speaking Apps Business For The Speech Impaired (not really a blog)

Finally, my last effort is not even a blog, but a successful business which helps the speech impaired to communicate.

I’m very proud of all my efforts to add my own small value to the World Wide Web. Try writing your own blog today, I guarantee you won’t regret it!

At least my college English professor would be proud of me. He was a hippie who lived in a bus and wore Birkenstocks to class every day. I clap you up sir!

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Founder, VR coder, Sci-Fi Blogger with ideas for human technological-evolution.

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