The AIs Know Me! Or more appropriately titled “The Age Of AI Search Engine Wars” has begun.

Michael McAnally
3 min readApr 28, 2023
Who is this Michael Blade guy anyway?

So first, I must admit to being a little egotistical in this article. A little? You say!

Well this morning I got access to Microsoft’s Bing Chatbot. I tried a few queries before the one posted above, and I was halfway impressed. Mostly because I already had been experimenting with ChatGPT early on in a number of my other articles (see: “The Age Of Generative AI Has Arrived!”).

What I saw didn’t seem that much different than what ChatGPT could do until I asked it a question about myself!

What do you know about a self published science fiction blogger on the internet who goes by the pen name Michael Blade?

yes, tell me more about him in a summary format.

You can see the full text of the conversation in the top image above. Now I was impressed! It searched me and nicely summarized my work in an easily understandable manner. If I were Google I might be a little worried at this point. Certainly they will shortly respond in kind to this; they just have to.

Could Bing be my new favorite search engine?

Are we entering “The Age Of AI Search Engine Wars?” I think that is all I want to say about that for now, since it’s way too early to comment further.

PLUG: Although, I will say it may have missed information about my Virtual Reality Free PDF Book, which can be found here:

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My Legal Disclaimer: Please understand the comments in this article are mine and mine alone, and not meant to disparage any company, Microsoft, OpenAI, Google, or other. That is not the intent of this article. The intent is to comment on an incredibly important AI emerging technology, and its impact on me personally, and to share that understanding with others.

Then I thought, Ask what Bing thought of this article? First I gave it the URL, but it said it couldn’t access it, so I gave it the text only of this article and here is its response. Fun! Bing fully approves of this article. Ego aside, that’s hillarious to me.

Now that’s a polite AI Chatbot . . .

And then, finally I realized that possibly Microsoft has thrown down the gauntlet! We already know who has to take up the gauntlet . . . this could get messy and entertaining. Peace.



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