Space Carousel, A Free WebVR Game Experience Developed With A-frame

It started over 1.5 years ago, about. I can’t really remember exactly when. I attended an HTML5 Meetup in San Francisco at a local Google facility.

They had a nice free buffet spread and I got a chance to talk to other web developers. It was a fun party of nerds talking tech geek . . . The big thing was there were a couple presenters from Mozilla who started talking about A-frame a WebVR component architecture in JavaScript.

At first I kind of ignored them . . .

Well in hindsight I should have paid much more attention to the Mozilla A-frame guys, because flash forward to now and I have a free WebVR game called Space Carousel developed with A-frame.

Please feel free to check it out on my blog and share on social media.

Video of Game Play, If you don’t have a VR Headset
A-frame Code Walk Thru

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