Running An App Business For 10 years Can Be Tough

It started out as an idea to help a friend who had lost his voice because of a medical condition. After that it became a crusade to help those without a voice through sales of an app which disrupted very expensive technologies through the emergence of affordable iPad and Android tablets.

Now its over 10 years later and 3 versions of the app running on multiple computer systems with thousands of sales. Yes, this little app is the engine that could! I am very proud to be its developer and CEO.

It doesn’t make much money for me because the target user market is small, but the Karma and Good Will is phenomenal. Given all my hard work, I would do it all again in an instant.

So please, PLEASE support the adoption of this miracle medical app which gives the speech impaired a communicative voice in Hospitals and Health Care Networks and tweet or share this with friends and loved ones as needed.




Free thinker. Evolving human. Blogger, coder, artist.

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Michael McAnally

Michael McAnally

Free thinker. Evolving human. Blogger, coder, artist.

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