Michael McAnally

May 30, 2017

2 min read
Note: My special thanks to Donato Giancola for authorized use of this 2008 image.

Posthuman, A Poem © 2010 Michael Blade

I am Human becoming
A Transhuman to be
My existence transforms itself through multiple substrates

I am flesh of evolved genetics
Technology cyborg robotic
Digital virtual and neural simulation
Networked information itself

Yet I retain sentience through all my transformations
I travel among the stars at the speed of light and now faster still
I am now immortal but not eternal
Not all powerful for I still make mistakes, always learning, always exploring

Time is only a measurement to me, I control my rate of consciousness
I allow myself to feel happiness, sorrow and compassion
Respect for my origins, my emotions, so human basic they are
But I have become so much more now, my mind merges with others like myself

On multiple levels of being we are
On the verge of becoming we are
Making love with thought . . .
Posthuman I have become

Michael McAnally, is a Founder, Futurist, Entrepreneur and Science Fiction Blogger who goes by the pen name Michael Blade. He has deep professional knowledge in computer science and currently lives in San Francisco as CEO-Dev of Touch Voice . He has apps in all the major app stores which help thousands of speech impaired individuals and are used in hospitals and care facilities around the globe.

Founder, VR coder, Sci-Fi Blogger with ideas for human technological-evolution.

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