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Michael McAnally
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Using AI

AI generated photo of me in a “Twilight Zone” like universe

The many-worlds interpretation implies that there are most likely an uncountable number of universes. It is one of a number of multiverse hypotheses in physics and philosophy. MWI views time as a many-branched tree, wherein every possible quantum outcome is realized.

Whether you believe in MWI, its existence or not, I’ve been having all sorts of fun imagining myself in alternate realities using the power of image generating AI.

In fact, in a future of incredible computing power, it just might be possible to imagine different complex realities where the big bang, physical laws, and historical events were slightly skewed with vastly different outcomes! Hence the title of this article…

Places in the multiverse where I exist but my fingers aren’t quite drawn right. Human artists have struggled historically with painting hands as well. I left them as they were drawn by the AI, but later I could always photoshop fix them myself.

Places where I am an actual King, believe it NOT. At least of the local forest birds . . . my gracious subjects. LOL

So how do I get an AI to do this?

Well I have a reasonably powerful computer at my disposal with a $500 Nvidia GPU and I installed InstantID open source software. Oh — and I haven’t been able to get rid of the cleft in the chin. I don’t have one in this universe, but the AI insists on giving me one. So I guess thats completely possible in an alternate reality, where I have a slightly variant genetic.

Here is the YouTube video that I followed to do it. Further on in the video you can install it manually yourself; if you don’t want to become his subscriber. He also explains how to use it further in the video. No need for me to repeat what has already been explained, and there other videos on YouTube as well on InstantID.

However later on, if you want to run it again at another time use these command prompts on a PC (first launch CMD window, then CD to your installed directory) and then type:

python -m venv env

Now just open up your browser to this address:

Visit the AI multiverse with one of your photos from this universe.

It’s harmless if you use your own photos, but I’d recommend staying away from using other peoples photos without their permission (you could offend them) or lying about your own generated photos. I basically recommend behaving responsibly. Always a good policy.

I look more like a movie star in the AI generated images than I do in real life. Actual me on the left, AI generated me on the right.

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