My Personal Journey With A-Frame

Space Carousel VR game experience

I’ve always been interested in virtual reality. A technological daydream that can be experienced while awake; escaping to a different place without actually traveling.

Sure, I’ve played games, even coded a few of my own. However, that’s not why I love experimenting in VR. I think it is just because I really enjoy creating.

So when I learned about A-Frame back in March 2017, at an SFHTML5 meetup, I decided I needed to get moving fast on this browser based technology which allows for VR. It seemed at the time the easiest to learn, giving my current web development skill set.

Eventually, I was able to afford a decent VR headset, powerful enough to test and debug on. As a result, I developed a VR Blog website and have written several articles with code examples. I will now share those with you for free! In the hopes of giving you a head start with browser based VR. Please enjoy.

Important Code Update:

Where to begin with VR in a browser?
Advanced Hello World for A-Frame
A Parade Of Planets In VR
Treasure Island VR with A-Frame

My website:

Open source repositories like A-Frame provides for easy VR coding in HTML5 and JavaScript. This is a very exciting time, and I encourage you all to explore and try coding VR for the web, in whatever tools or platforms you choose!



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Michael McAnally

Michael McAnally

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