It's unfortunate that Meta (FB) took the "Meta"verse prefix, since it was around long before. The positive thing I can say is that once they assimilated Oculus (Palmer Lucky), they were able to bring down the entry point for standalone wireless VR. That's a good thing even if the Quest 2 is less resolution/powerful than say a Valve Index tethered to a NVidia GPU Card.

As they have always said "Content is King" or in this case Queen, as I see from your readership numbers. So for the metaverse to be viable content and content creators are necessary. A given, but there is no reason those content creators can’t produce for multiple platforms, open or walled gardens. WebXR is the tech that will make it possible. So in this case, resistance is not futil. Even if they try to control WebXR through their browser, competing VR/AR browser platforms will allow competition. Unity and Unreal will deploy to multiple platforms as well. And then there is Apple waiting to enter the ring. To learn more how

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