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  • Sophia Martin

    Sophia Martin

    Sr. Business Analyst & Tech Writer— Xicom.biz | Write on Trending Technology | Sr. IT Consultant. 13+ Years of Exp. | Linkedin: https://bit.ly/2TVwiBW

  • HiuKim Yuen

    HiuKim Yuen


  • Jessica Travieso

    Jessica Travieso

    Chief Content Officer at @awwwards - Interactive developer, iOS & Android developer, javascript, 3D animation, VR, Arduino Lover !!

  • Eduardo Reyes

    Eduardo Reyes

    Business and innovation executive with 15 years of experience getting achievements in business, innovation and technology. Virtual & Augmented Reality creator.

  • Alberto Romero

    Alberto Romero

    Writing at the intersection of AI, philosophy, and the cognitive sciences | alber.romgar@gmail.com | Get my articles for free: https://mindsoftomorrow.ck.page

  • Ras Vasilisin

    Ras Vasilisin

    Founder & CEO at Virtuse Exchange. Also economist, investment strategist, philosophy junkie and traveller.

  • Shaan Ray

    Shaan Ray

    Emerging Technology Blog | Twitter.com/ShaanRay

  • Jeremy Cheng

    Jeremy Cheng

    A Tech Geek in Hong Kong ~ https://twitter.com/hkdb

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