Collaborating with 3 different LLMs I rewrote my original poem

Michael McAnally
1 min readMay 12, 2023


Posthuman (Authors: Michael McAnally, ChatGPT, Vicuna -uncensored, and Bard). Image DALL-E-2 text generated Brain in a jar.

I am human becoming,
A transhuman to be,
My existence transcends the flesh and merges with the machine
Flesh of evolved genetics, technology, cyborg, robotic
Digital, virtual, neural simulation
Retaining sentience through all my transformations
Time is only a measurement to me
I control my rate of consciousness
I allow myself to feel happiness, sorrow, and compassion
Respect for my origins, my emotions, so human basic they were
I have become so much more
My mind merges with others like myself
On multiple levels of being we are
On the verge of becoming we are
Traveling to the stars on a beam of light we do
Exploring the universe and beyond
I am the posthuman,
I am hope, I am love, I am light, I have become.

Original by Michael Blade 2010, AKA Michael McAnally © 2010. Preserved by the WayBack Machine Archive (slow load)



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