Note: My special thanks to Donato Giancola for authorized use of this 2008 image.

I am Human becoming
A Transhuman to be
My existence transforms itself through multiple substrates

I am flesh of evolved genetics
Technology cyborg robotic
Digital virtual and neural simulation
Networked information itself

Yet I retain sentience through all my transformations
I travel among the stars at the speed of light and now faster still
I am now immortal but not eternal
Not all powerful for I still make mistakes, always learning, always exploring

Time is only a measurement to me, I control my rate of consciousness
I allow myself to feel happiness, sorrow and compassion
Respect for my origins, my emotions, so…

What would an uploaded human mind be able to do?

Assuming hypothetically that we could achieve such a feat, and that we don’t digress into arguments of whether it actually has a soul, or the same identical fidelity as the original. Or just how long it would take to do such a thing? Or whether we should do it, and many other such debates.

I ask again, what would just such a human uploaded mind be capable of? What are it’s parameters? Maybe it’s possible to guess.

Let’s assume a human mind is uploaded to a significantly powerful computer system…

I would like to tell you about one of the things I’m the most proud of as an app developer and why I consider my app one of the most useful and successful apps out there.

The app started off as an idea to help a good friend who was hospitalized and lost the use of his voice due to a medical condition. To help him I developed an app which used computer speech synthesis to speak for him when he touched software buttons on his iPad.

At first my friends hands where so shaky and weak that he missed…

I love blogging. It’s my public journal to the world.

I also love technology, and one of those techie things I love is VR. Virtual Reality spelled completely out, with headsets and how-tos, working code examples, all wrapped up in a VR blog with regular posts and free articles.

This is the absolute best I can do. Helping people get started in the fun, exciting and fast pace world of VR inside the browser! You can also help me to make the internet VR enabled.

Important Code Update:

I wrote a previous article in which I described where to begin with VR in a browser. This took the popular A-Frame Hello World and extended it a bit, with environment and the ability to move around in that environment with the VR controllers, teleport, etc.

Now this article will go much further. We are going to include JavaScript which can select and activate actions on objects in our VR scene. This will include some cool tracked animation with a quacking duck! A 3D model of the duck will loop on a track around us. When that…

Social VR Art Gallery in an island setting.

Every entrepreneur knows that when new technology comes along, or matures, it can lead to a disruption of older technology. That disruption is a double edge sword, good for some, bad for others.

I’m not trying to injury the physical galleries, artists or staff. I’m only trying to provide a new and different means by which producers of art can share, display and sell their art to customers globally online in virtual reality.

I’m not going to get into the details of how to do e-commerce or business plans and models; this is mostly a demo technology article. It displays…

And it usually pays nothing in money.

Seeing the connections . . . imagining the future possibilities; the excitement it elicits in me is hard to describe to someone practical, who lives completely in the hard reality of now.

Sometimes you won’t even get it yourself, when it comes to why you like a certain idea, but you’ll know intuitively something is there! Just beyond your mental grasp. It will become obvious soon enough, or years and sometimes decades in the future.

This complex mindset required can be described, but you’ll need to develop it yourself!

Critical thinking is essential…

Yes, like I eventually did, experiencing just such prejudice. Starting my own business and transitioning my skill sets.

"But the Visier study compares the ratio of applications to hires at different age groups, to show that tech companies prefer to hire younger people overall" -- Now my response to your words . . . You admit that it is bias, by your very reference to this Visier study, I want to thank you for that honesty. And for your perceptively written article, great piece in my opinion from one author to another, I commend you! …

All joking aside, I've been waiting to respond to a thoughtful article like this! A highly capable programmer past 59 years of age here. Yes, there is bias towards older developers in many tech companies. It is undeniable, and dare I say somewhat undesirable, usually a correlation dependent variable upon ones age, despite how much data analysis and questions you throw at it, trying to easily BS it all away. Let's agree to do a little ad-hoc experiment . . . when we are out of COVID, and you are back at your work desk (for whatever reason), on a…

An Advanced Article: Part 2.

It’s been four years now since I started experimenting with VR inside the browser. Well, I have finally encapsulated myself inside my own personal VR bubble!

What is that, you say?

I can actually meet with others inside of a VR server, with a browser and a VR headset and “experience a common immersive virtual environment together”. I custom designed it all myself, literally the stuff of science fiction to me.

I even have my own virtual office and a meeting complex setup. No high business office rents or commute. Just twenty bucks a month…

Michael McAnally

Founder, VR coder, Sci-Fi Blogger with ideas for human technological-evolution.

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